Binary Options Brokers

Selecting the right binary options broker really matters to be a successful trader. Following factors must be considered before you choose your binary options broker.


  1. Some brokers pay 85 % payout and some pay just 70 % for the same asset. (You may get 15 % less profit for each trade, its definitely going to affect you in the long run.)
  2. Some brokers don’t pay for a trade closed at TIE (stike price = closing price), and some brokers refund you the invested amount on a TIE.
  3. Bonus payment and associated trade volume to be achieved before withdrawal. (Don’t get trapped by availing a bonus. Know the trade volume to be achieved against the bonus.)
  4. Some brokers have very good customer service and regulated by well recognised authorities. (Know whether the broker is regulated)
  5. Brokers processing time for fund withdrawal and fund withdrawal charges.


Studying the above factors we recommend you the following brokers to trade with.